LovinPet Dog Clothes For Large Dogs

  • The design principle of LovinPet Dog Clothes For Large Dogs is: use high-quality, dog-friendly materials that are sweat-absorbent, soft and comfortable, warm, but not stifling hot.
  • How to choose LovinPet big dog clothes: Our big dog clothes are for relatively large and medium-sized short-haired dogs, such as the Pitbull, Boxer, Lab mix, Doberman, Terrier etc.
  • We’ll tell you a secret: People love our dog clothes! Many of our customers have purchased LovinPet Dog Clothes as a gift for their large dog; they’ve taken photos, hosted parties, etc. all with their dog sporting LovinPet Dog Clothes For Large Dogs! 
  • Why wear LovinPet big dog pajamas? At night, the general temperature may be low, especially in the autumn and winter. Wearing LovinPet’s professionally-made pajamas can keep your dog warm and calm which can help your big dog sleep comfortably.
  • What is the top benefit of wearing a LovinPet big dog pajama?   LovinPet is specially tailored for short-haired or terrier dogs; they can reduce hair loss (less hair to clean up!) and prevent skin irritation from outdoor activities, especially on lawns.
  • The pajamas come in M, L, XL and XXL sizes.

$40.99 $35.49