Large Dog Breeds!

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Are you looking for a large dog breed to adopt as your pet? Large dogs are the best choice, especially if you are interested in purchasing an exercising and easily trainable dog. It also easily adopts into new families due to its friendly and lovable nature. Bernese mountain dog, chinook, Hovawart, Pitbull Terrie, and the German shepherd are a few examples of large dog breeds. Below are a few details about large dogs.

Factors to consider when purchasing these dog breeds

  • Amount of funds available

Before deciding on purchasing the dog, it is important to develop a budget of the things you can easily afford for your dog. Being the owner of a large dog can cost you up to fifteen thousand dollars or more as time goes by. Some of the money is directed to veterinary services, food, and grooming, just but a few requirements. For instance, large dog breeds require a bowl of kibble for proper growth. They also require a trainer to train them and enable them to carry out various activities.

  • Space

Since this type of dog engages in many activities and exercises, considering the amount of space is also recommended. Because it is very muscular and energetic regular exercise should be encouraged daily to help stimulate the dog both physically and mentally. This dog type, therefore, requires adequate space for exercising, thus fitting as an outdoor dog.

  • Weight and size

The weight and size are the primary characteristics used to classify this dog as large. Most of them weigh approximately seventy-five to one hundred and fifty pounds. It is also muscular and big, around twenty-four inches tall.
Examples of large dog types include;

Golden Retriever

It is a highly friendly and brilliant dog breed, making this large dog breed fit in most families. They adapt easily to new environments due to their playful and joyful attitude. It also requires proper dietary management to prevent overfeeding them since they are at a greater risk of being obese. Also, ensure you seek regular veterinary services to monitor its heart condition since it is prone to heart diseases.

Bernese mountain dog

A Bernese mountain dog is classified as one of the largest dog breeds available in the market today. Despite having a giant size, they are usually calm, sweet, and affectionate. They also tend to please their owners, making it easy to train them on new concepts. It weighs approximately 70-115 pounds.


Even though this dog breed has various funny names, it is very intelligent and devoted. It is a wonderful family pet that can carry out various activities, including searching and rescuing objects and people. It does this with the help of their nose. They weigh around 65-90 pounds.

Pitbull Terrier

It is an athletic dog that is loyal and gives its owner company. This dog breed is also very patient and gentle with all family members. It weighs approximately thirty to eighty pounds.

In summary, despite these dog breeds being big, they can also fit in apartments as long as the family is willing to assist in exercising and walking them around. Therefore living in an apartment cannot restrict one from purchasing the pet of your choice.