Benefits of Owning a Large Dog!

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Large dog breeds come with several benefits, some more recognized than others. Owning large dogs might seem like a hassle considering that they are double or triple the size of smaller breeds. These dogs come with a lot of work, meaning you’ll need to be at your best to satisfy their needs. But that’s a given with any pet you decide to place under your care.

And as the saying goes – the bigger, the better, so can this be applied to owning large dogs. One of the major benefits of owning large dog breeds is the sense of security that they bring. These big fur buddies are content and adequately cool-headed.

This is because they feel secure in their skin and don’t feel compelled to prove a point based on their size. And according to experts, large dogs can become fearsome bullies if they wanted to. However, they roll with a philosophy that just because you can doesn’t mean you should. This is something that most large dog breed owners don’t know, but it’s one reason large dog breeds are very loveable.

There are plenty of reasons to own this type of dog breed, and they are detailed below.

5 Benefits of Owning Large Dog Breeds

1. Gentle Giants

Not that those other dog breeds aren’t gentle, but large dogs exhibit this trait quite adequately. Large dog breeds aren’t as fragile or sensitive as smaller dog breeds. They don’t mind rough handling, especially from the kids.

However, you should still apply caution and give them the respect they deserve and need better interaction.

2. They Don’t Require as many exercises

As you may know, most large dogs were bred for security purposes. This means that they were wired to sit around most of the time. From such a realization, they don’t have as much energy as the other smaller breeds.

Therefore, owning large dogs reduces the frequency of exercises on your schedule. Several walks and light exercises are enough for this fur buddies. So, large dog breeds are the perfect option if you are a chilled person who requires a furry friend to chill with you.

3. Easily Trainable

Large dogs are easy to train, especially at their tender ages. They are naturally disciplined, considering how their owners treat them. Large dog breeds have a high sense of good manners, which highly contributes to their trainable nature.

4. Self-Control

Large dogs have a surpassing self-control character in them that can’t be matched with other dog breeds. They don’t need to prove their muscles with immense barking, biting, or jumping. They know what they possess, but most importantly, large dog breeds know how to control themselves accordingly.

Large dog breeds don’t rush to prove their point; instead, they sit back, survey the situation, and act rightly.

5. Loyal and Loving

Like their smaller dog breeds, large dogs are highly loyal and loving to their owners. Breeds such as Mastiffs have been bred to protect families, which means that loyalty and love are their strongest traits.

Large dogs will do their best to showcase how loyal and loving they are, something every dog owner wants.